Special Pick-Up

Below Outlines the Special Pick-Up Process:

The first yard of rubbish (approximately the size of a backhoe front bucket) is of NO CHARGE.

After the initial first yard of rubbish, any additional yard will cost $50 until four (4) buckets are reached. After that point, a resident must pay $200.00 for a dump truck and every five (5) yards thereafter.

This includes dirt, construction wood and debris, concrete, sod (not yard waste or leaves), and other sizeable items the rubbish contractor will not take. Such as, swing sets, chain link fencing and poles, pool tables, steel shelving, and other items determined by the Director. All nails and other sharp objects must be removed prior to picking up.

Items will not be eligible for special pick-up if the work was performed by a contractor. The contractor will be responsible for disposing of the material.

Work requiring a building permit must have a building permit prior to pick up.

If your special pick up requires a charge, a tag will be left on your door notifying you of the cost. You may authorize the payment at City Hall and an invoice will be sent to you after the work is complete. Any unpaid fees will be added to your taxes with an additional 25% fee.

You must call prior to 4PM the Friday before you want your pickup to be scheduled during the warm weather season. In the winter season we will try to accommodate your request within two business days.

There is no limit to the number of special pick-ups per year. However, if deemed excessive by the Director, the homeowner will be notified.

Please place special pickup material on your driveway approach. Material placed on the grass easement or in the street will not be picked up.

If you have any questions regarding this matter. Please call the Department of Public Works at 734-782-2470.