Online Applications

Submit the completed applications to the building department email to, by mail to city hall, or drop it in our drop box for review. Please submit a check with the full amount to Flat Rock City Hall, or pay online. In the comment section please indicate what type of payment it is for (example: Building Permit). If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the office.


Rental Applications

Donation Bins


For City Workers ONLY- Work Order Form


Dept. Contacts

  • Building & Safety Clerk
    Jennifer Liedel
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2109
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Building Inspector
    Tom Chorkey
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2339
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer
    Mike Dalton
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2119
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Ordinance Officer
    Chuck Gillenwater
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2135
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Mechanical Inspector
    Rob Secco
  • Electrical Inspector
    Jeffery Dommer
  • Plumbing Inspector
    Bernie Zarb